Here are a few Testimonials from some of our Satisfied clients

"Deb Berman and Pat Kandel worked with us for three years before we found the perfect house. Never during that time did we feel pressured to buy. Even though we passed on a few homes that, in hindsight, we may have regretted, they were always supportive and positive. In addition when others around them lost their cool, they never did. Rather, they always stayed positive and represented us with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Their reputation in the community is another positive. In the end we prevailed over a higher offer because the other broker trusted Deb and Pat and knew that their clients were always serious and qualified. After three years, I consider Deb and Pat true friends and I recommend them highly."
- Fred and Marsha L.
"They worked great as a team. Will use them again."
- Juliette N.  
"My Fiance' and I just purchased our first home. We had just gone through an extremely difficult process on another property that didn't work out at the end of an extended escrow period and ultimately left us without a place to live. Rather than giving up on us, Deb, Pat, and Justin continued to work tirelessly to find us our dream home. We truly felt that this team at Berman Kandel Real Estate had our best intentions in mind rather than simply getting a commission and moving on to the next clients. This kind of care and dedication is becoming a thing of the past, but I am so grateful to have had this experience with this talented team.
We would highly recommend them to anyone needing anything in real estate.
Warmest Regards,
- Joe and Jamie"
"Deb and Pat at Berman Kandel were amazing throughout the journey of my home search. They understood my needs as a buyer, helped me to understand the market and the home buying process, and when I found just the right house, they made it happen for me and my family!”
"Thank you so much for helping us sell our home. The Berman Kandel Team are true professionals. We would happily recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell. They are the best in the business and really have the customer's best interest at heart. Thank you again."
- Pat Crane  
After showing us several properties Deb always said, you will know the right place if it "makes your sing." She was right. Our heart sings everyday when we see our beautiful view. Thank you Deb and Pat for your professionalism and friendship. We will recommend you to our good friends and business associates.
- Fred and Marianne T.  
"Deb Berman and team are outstanding!"
Ted E.
Thank you so much for all your work on our sale. It was so great to have you on "our team," and it was wonderful that you knew the market and building so well. Your continual follow up was incredible and we appreciate everything you did to make this a smooth closing. Your good reputation is well earned."     
- Robert and Janine D.
"Mission accomplished! Everything you said you would do, you did over and above the call of duty. You handled every obstacle with a can-do attitude and smile. Your expertise and years of experience makes Berman Kandel my number one choice for real estate agents."
- Tim M. 
"Pat Kandel and Debra Berman were fantastic. I had been through a lot with them, and they were with me every step of the way. They never made me feel like I was being a nuisance. They are a terrific team. They are two terrific, classy ladies. I can't thank them enough for finding me the most perfect house."
- Erica M. 
"They sold my house in two days. Pretty incredible. Debra and Pat were outstanding. That is one of the reasons it sold so fast."
- Nadeen S.
"You ladies never give up and your guidance through our difficult escrow was amazing. Your communication not only with us but with our homeowners association was stellar. We cannot imagine ever using any other real estate agent. Thank you Deb and Pat."
- Art and Esta R.
"I was very happy with the attention Deb, Pat, and the team payed to this transaction. Will definitely use them again."
- Gabriela B.